Areas Overview
Innovative Systems Institute is dedicated to assist development of different areas by providing research and carrying out projects using innovations of today and ideas of better tomorrow.
Areas of activities:
  • Education - research of different leading innovative systems and solutions for transfer in education environment.
  • Science - development of possibilities for scholars, scientific institutions or national scientific systems to globalize, specialize and socialize their research.
  • Culture - support institutions working on cultural heritage to digitize artefacts and integrate innovative technologies thus actualize and internationalize.
  • Media - support independent online journalism, striving to render users to controbutors.
  • Society - research and development of practices to bring ways of realization and incorporation of the possibilities of each member of the society.
  • Governance - reasearch and development of e-governance strategies and solutions.
  • Localization - extend participation and benefits by providing innovative technologies to various societies.
  • Technology - raise awareness of innovative technologies, test contemporary practices.